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Logo design and strategy for a small family competition business


The Mission

I was approached by a small family business to create their brand identity. They are running paid competitions where you need to answer parenting related questions in order to win baby and children items. Their target market is mums or mums to be with young children who likes taking apart in a fun games and open to educate themselves to be better parents.

The Output

We have started the whole relationship with a strategy session whre we identified the most important elements that can used for building a solid brand. We worked out the Brand purpose, Brand Vision, Brand Mission and Brand Values as well as developed a positioning strategy and a communication framework. Then we progressed to the brand identity and brand presence.

The Impact

Creating strong brand fundamentals for this small business was an absolute must. With the strategy and visual identity they have stepped to the market and their social media following base is increased from 0 to 300 in one month as well as generated over 100 sales in the first two month. Their website is easy to use so their customers can check out smoothly while having fun with the diffrent competition tasks and questions.




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A fun way of winning expensive baby items.

Logo Design for a small family competition project

This business is running paid competitions in fun and educative way. During the brand strategy process, I found out there aren’t too many businesses who offers the same service. However, there are competitors who offer free competitions. This was an issue, and we needed to find a way for differentiation. The research step gave us the answer. Even if those competitions are free, the pool of the potential winners are huge so the chances are very small. We positioned the business in a way where their customers gets a higher chance to win those items and suggested to use a limited number of entries. I have developed their brand purpose, vision, mission and values.

After the brand strategy session, the direction of this brand was clear, but there were some questions. I definitely wanted to convey a message that this brand is caring, helpful and friendly. For finding the best direction I have created stylescapes. This exercise was a massive help for my client to see what directions we could go. As a happiness and caring were the main words they described their brand we went with the first option of the stylescapes.

The direction was clear so I had some idea in my head started my process with drawing ideas. During this idea generation phase I was found out that the best solution for this brand would be a playful font. I have customized the selected font to achieve playful feeling of the brand. The logo now reflects the values and purposes of the brand.

I have also created a set of post design for their social media presence and keep their brand consistent throughout all the platforms they are using.

The next step was the development of their website. We had some difficulties, as the gambling rules and regulations say there will be a selection process that is eliminates a huge amount of entries, so only the fraction of people can have the chance for winning the final item. We settled at the solution where every listing needs to have multiple question option. So only people with the right answers can progress to the selection stage.


Color & Material

During the stylescape creation process I wanted to create a colour palette that reflects happyness and the playful time. This is the reason we have settled at the following colour combinations.

smaples logo palette
smaples social media post sample