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Brand strategy service

The brand strategy is the fundamental of your business' success.

A powerful brand is the fundamental of any business. Brand strategy is a detailed process where we identify these key principles. During the process, we will dig deep to find ways who you can differentiate your business from the competition and build your brand on its strengths. Clarifying brand substance is the stage where we are working on the WHY of your business. Determining your brand’s purposevision, mission and value. Doing this you will have a clarity why you are in the business. Furthermore, knowing your brand substances, you can clearly communicate it to your team and all the members will be on the same page as you.

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Position your brand

Once you know your why you can step to the next ladder in the process and start working on the HOW. When the brand substances are clear you still in the early stage of building your brand. Most of the businesses are not working on their differentiation strategy. For example, when you see a business called Joe’s Plumbing Service and Steve’s Plumbing Service and nothing else. Which one will you remember and who will be the one you call? In this case, Joe’s and Steve’s success is depending on their luck. But what if there is Will who has a business called PlumBear – Solutions for your home? Will you remember for Joe or Steve? I don’t think so, but you will remember PlumBear.

Working on your positioning strategy will give you a tremendous advantage.

You will know your competition and the target market who are most likely will need services from your business. This stage will clarify how your business can be different from the competition and identify who is your audience.

Develop brand person

Developing a brand persona determines how is your business will act. Sounds strange, but think of it for a second. You are more likely to make a relationship with someone who uses the same voice as you and their personality resonates with yours. Identifying brand archetype will help you connect your brand with the right customers/clients. Working on your communication framework is a huge part of the brand strategy process. Every brand has a core message that they need to communicate with their audience. Telling a brand story will bring the end user closer to your brand and will help them to know you better.

In addition, we will work on your visual identity and brand presence. These items are included in my core strategy service.

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Brand strategy Process

What is brand strategy process?

Basically, a brand strategy process is a series of steps completed and decisions made during the period of creating the strategy. Every stage has it its own estimated time frame. It is only an estimate as every business is different, so the process length is always changing based on the project scopes and needs. A well-thought process in place will help the project go faster and reducing a risk of spending too much or too little time on the stages.
Below you can have an overview of my brand strategy process steps, which I believe is the best and most effective way to reach your business potential. Want to know more? Contact me

I truly give each project my all. That’s why I only take 3 clients a month. Ask for availability!

*on average, a logo design project takes 4-8 weeks. Time scale also depends on agreed milestones in the project being met by both parties.

Brand strategy process steps


At this stage we will work your brand substances. Determine your brand’s core strengths. In other words, we will work on your UVP unique to your brand. Your brand mission, brand vision, brand purpose and brand values will be the driver for you and your team to reach the business’ goals. 


I believe in my process. When I work on brands, a strategic approach is necessary. I find it beneficial to start with competitors analysis. This step gives me the knowledge of what your competition does, and I can find opportunities to make your brand different. During this process, I will research your audience and will determine who is the end user that you can target with your service or product. 


I will work on your brand persona to give all the characteristics to your brand. Your brand will resonate with the target audience we have identified at the previous step. We will give personality and voice to your brand.


Creating your core messaging is a crucial part of any brand. I will take the time learning about your business and study your competitors and target audience. This approach will make me understand who is your product and/or service user. Knowing these elements will give me the insight to work on your communication framework that is resonating with your audience and will help to express your brand story.


Once the strategy in place we will start working on your visual identity and the brand presence. The previous stages will give the guidance to develop your logo and online presence of your brand. Visual identity will include your brand’s logo design and other elements such as colour palette, image style, typography and brand pattern. I bring together all the details in a Brand Style Guide. Brand and logo guidelines keep branding consistent and recognisable, preventing poor logo usage or damage to brand reputation. It is always important to check that designers can do this and whether they include it in their packages or if it will cause an additional cost.

It is always important to check that designers can do this and whether they include it in their packages or if it will cause an additional cost.

Brand Presence includes designing and developing your website* and Social Media appearance that is aligned with your Brand Strategy. Also, we will develop your social media kit for keeping your brand consistent throughout all the channels. No matter what platform your clients will see first, the brand message will come across instantly.


The Brand Strategy Guidebook is the result of everything we discover through our deep work together. It includes your brand’s personality, position in the market, voice/tone guidelines, communication framework, visual guide. Furthermore, you will receive the Logo Design Pack with the final versions in all file formats you need. We will deliver a fully functional website* on WordPress or Webflow platform as well as a Social Media Kit.

* up to a 7 page informational website

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of your brand to achieve specific goals. We will define and execute a strategy that affects all aspects of your business. 

Logo Design

Creating a beautiful logo design that is focused on your business’s goals and your customers can enhance your brand.  I focus on your goals and develop a solid brand that matters.

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Tibor Pal
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"We approached Gergo Simara when we required some graphic design work as a part of our re-branding of the Peterborough Saxons American Football Team. We were massively impressed with the quality of his work. His positive and enthusiastic personality made it easy to work with him and realise our vision."
Ryan Toone
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“I have used Greg's services for a new company logo and leaflet designs. He was very professional and came up with some very creative ideas. He was extremely helpful and was able to make amendments to the designs based on feedback from myself and my team.”