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I love crafting beautiful, smart, and inspired logos and brand identities that is focused on a business’ goals and their customers!


Logo design service

The logo is one of the most important parts of your brand.

A well-executed logo design can make a great first impression on your brand and send significant messages to the clients about your business. Also, it identifies your business and differentiates you from the competition and reflects professionalism. A logo design that based on your brand’s core attributes gives you that nuance what can make the client choose your business over the competition. A design that is created with strategical thinking in mind should work for you and will help to achieve goals and make your business more profitable. I offer years of experience to medium and small-sized businesses who need a new identity. If you already an operating business, I can offer you my expertise to redesign your logo and help to take your business to the next level.

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Knowing the WHAT, WHY and HOW will help your business grow and get results!

An amazing brand always has a plan in place to ensure the final logo design targets the correct market, audience, and reflects the right message to the clients. It requires research, thought, and attention. A poorly executed cheap logo design will have a negative effect on your brand; However, a well-designed logo can transform a business by attracting the right people. Want to get started?  Contact me.
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Logo design Process

What is logo design process?

Basically, a logo design process is a series of steps completed and decisions made during the period of creating the logo design. Every step has it its own estimated time frame. It is only an estimate as every business is different so the process length is always changing based on the project scopes and needs. A well-thought process in place will help the project go faster and reducing a risk of spending too much or too little time on the stages.
Below you can have an overview of my logo design process steps, which I believe is the best and most effective way to reach your business potential. Want to know more? Contact me

I truly give each project my all. That’s why I only take 3 clients a month. Ask for availability!

*on average, a logo design project takes 2-6 weeks. This can be longer if there is the addition of a brand strategy and brand book. Time scale also depends on agreed milestones in the project being met by both parties.

Logo design process steps


Creating good logo design based on a strong strategy is a vital point for a successful brand. The brand strategy will help you identify who is your target audience, what is the core message of your brand. It will identify the direction of your brand’s tone of voice. It helps you achieve your business goals.

I will consult you to understand your business goals, competition, and audience. During this phrase, we will work together to answer all the questions to create a rock solid strategy for your brand. This stage is fundamental to any further work.

To create the best identity, I need to understand the WHY, WHAT and for WHO.

The second part of my logo design process is research. When a strategy is in place, the next step is to do some field work. Learning about the industry and the direct & indirect competitors ensures me to create the most suitable design for your business or product. During the process, I can determine how to make your design unique and different from others on your field to make a chance your business is more recognizable.  


I believe in my logo design process. When I work on logo designs, a creative approach is necessary. I find it beneficial to start with exploration. I use various idea generation techniques, such as word mapping, brainstorming, and drawing. The best logos always start with paper and pencil or tablet & touch pen; However, I prefer the old school way. At this stage, I sketch any idea coming to my mind. During this phrase, I explore many potential ideas. Also, the drawing opens the creative bucket, and this stage gives me the power to create many concepts to start with.

Drawing can help you explore endless ideas quickly.

Once I am ready with the exploration process and have strong concepts, I will work on digital versions and create the strongest design ideas in vectorised format. This allows you to scale the design without losing the quality; Most printing services will require it. At this stage, I still work to improve the design so you will receive the best solution to resonate with your target audience.


You are happy with your new logo design. The next thing we need to do is make sure it is displayed consistently across all the platforms and mediums. I will provide you with a style guidelines document that gives you detailed information on how to use the logo and the colour, fonts, sizes & spacing. 


Once the logo is completed, I will create copies in all the major file formats and various sizes. Depending on what we agreed on, I will also create stationery or other artworks. I’ll be available to help and support you ongoing. I will also assign copyright of the logo over to you upon final payment. If you have questions about the logo design process or anything else, please contact me

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of your brand to achieve specific goals. We will define and execute a strategy that affects all aspects of your business. 

Logo Design

Creating a beautiful logo design that is focused on your business’s goals and your customers can enhance your brand.  I focus on your goals and develop a solid brand that matters.

Tried, tested and trusted

“Greg is an excellent designer and illustrator being able to create some awesome social media templates for my company. Friendly, knowledgeable and quick service”
Greg was brilliant start to finish. His well set out process from pen & paper to digitalised was very encouraging right from the start. His attention to detail on the concept brief was brilliant, as well as willingness to give his advice and the end product in different formats was appreciated. Would definitely recommend.
Dylan Hull
Owner - Buzz
“I have used Greg's services for a new company logo and leaflet designs. He was very professional and came up with some very creative ideas. He was extremely helpful and was able to make amendments to the designs based on feedback from myself and my team.”